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Advantages of investing in evaporation-free bubble brick equipment

In recent years, environmental protection materials are more and more sought after, and various building wall materials are aimed at thermal insulation. In recent years, the main wall materials for thermal insulation are autoclaved aerated concrete and steam-free cement foam bricks. While aerated concrete discourages many people due to its high investment cost, steam-free cement foam bricks have been developing rapidly due to their superior thermal performance and other characteristics, plus the advantages of low investment in equipment and production costs, and are increasingly favored by investors in building construction materials worldwide.

   As a domestic building materials production equipment enterprise with a history of 35 years, Hengxing Machinery has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Foamed brick equipment is no exception, the following is to introduce to you the five advantages of steam-free cement foamed brick equipment equipment, so that more users understand the foamed brick equipment.

   Advantage one: raw material advantage: the project raw material sources are relatively, such as fly ash, sand, stone powder, tailings, slag, calcium carbide powder, construction waste, etc., as long as the combination with cement can be used as raw materials. The project is not subject to the rise of raw material prices, making the profit margin narrow.

   Advantage two: price advantage: the project investment only needs 100,000 to several hundred thousand ranging, suitable for small and medium investors. The price of steam-free aerated block equipment is one tenth of the price of similar products.

   Advantage three: environmental advantages: the project does not need steam kettle and boiler, no waste water and waste gas generation, can greatly save electricity and coal, belongs to the environmental protection and energy-saving new wall material equipment. (If you invest in new wall material equipment, please understand whether the local boiler procedures are difficult to approve.)

   Advantage four: operational advantages: the project is simple to operate, only a few people can be completed. Operation process: batching - loading - mixing foam - put material - forming → demoulding → cutting → maintenance → inspection factory.

   Advantage 5: Equipment advantage: the project makes the whole production line work more reliably; at the same time, it can adopt full numerical control technology, accurate measurement of material supply, closed foaming, high pressure mixing foam, so that the production process is simplified, thus saving manpower.